Mr. Nale's
Virtual Classroom

Math Activities - All Levels

Number Sense and Operations
Addition Machine - Practice addition facts
Base 10 Blocks
Bobber's Farm - Identifying fractions, odd and even numbers and prime numbers
Cats in Line Activity Page - Practice using ordinal numbers
Change Maker
Color It! - Multiples of 2
Counting Multiples - Find the multiples of numbers between 2 and 9
Decifractator - Convert fractions to decimals
Decimal Number Line
Disaster Math - Story problems
Division Machine - Practice division facts
Dog Bone - Finding numbers from a number square.
Farm Addition* - Basic counting and addition
Find the Pairs - Odd numbers
Find the Pictures - Addition to10
Fishing for Numbers*
Fraction Bars
Fresh Baked Fractions - Identifying equivalent fractions
Fraction Flags Halves - Practice painting creative flags while learning about halves
Fraction Flag Thirds - Practice painting creative flags while learning about thirds.
Fraction Paint 4 - Fraction Paint 2x2 square
Fraction Paint 9 - Fraction Paint 3x3 square
Fraction Paint 16 - Fraction Paint 4x4 square
Fraction Paint 25 - Fraction Paint 5x5 square
Fraction Paint 36 - Fraction Paint 6x6 square
Frog Palace - Place Value and Decimals
Function Machine
Get Dotty - Multiples of 3
Ghost Blasters
Ghost Blasters 2 - This games lets you choose to practice sums of the number you set
Ghost Blasters Even - Practice finding the even numbers
Ghost Blasters Odd - Practice finding the odd numbers
Great Equations*
Guess the Number - Estimation and halving numbers
Kung-Fu Math - Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.
Martian Math* - Writing out math problems
Math Baseball - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Math Cats - Story Problems
Math Cats Explore the Multiplication Table
Math Magic - Timed practice of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Math Magician - Practice Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication facts by number
Monster Numbers* 
Mouse on the Move - Counting from 1 - 10
Multiples and Factors - Not interactive
Multiplication Bridge*
Multiplication Grid
Multiplication Machine - Practice multiplication facts
Multiplication Mystery
Multiplication Times Table and Grids - Practice multiplication facts
Odd Way Home - Odd numbers
Paint Brush Math* - Beginning addition skills
Percent Paint - Percentage paint tool 
Percentage PI*
Pizza Party - Identify fractions by using pizzas*
Place Value Puzzler
Power Football - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Really Big Numbers - Say them and see how to write them.
Sea Shell Rounding Activity Page - Practice rounding numbers between 10 and 100.
Soccer Shootout - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
                                         Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions
Space Hopscotch - Counting forward by 2's, backwards by 1's
Speed Grid  Addition 1 - Addition Level 1
Speed Grid  Addition 2 - Addition Level 2
Speed Grid Addition 3 - Addition Level 3
Speed Grid Subtraction 1 - Subtraction Level 1                   
Speed Grid Subtraction 2 - Subtraction Level 2                       
Speed Grid Subtraction 3 - Subtraction Level 3                       
Speed Grid Multiplication - Multiplication 
Splat Squares 0-99 - Number square 0-99
Splat Squares 0-100 - Number square 0-100
Spot the Odds 
Subtraction Machine - Practice multiplication facts
Sum Sense- Addition - Figuring out addition problems.
Sum Sense- Subtraction - Figuring out subtraction problems.
Sum Sense- Multiplication  - Figuring out multiplication problems.                    
Sum Sense- Division - Figuring out division problems.
Super Sequencer - Create sequences of numbers
The "Less Than" Lake Maze - Subtracting by 1
The "More Than" Marsh Maze - Comparing numbers
Top Roman - Roman Numerals*
Using an Abacus
Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Math
Billy Bug - Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-10)
Billy Bug 2 - Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-5)
Create a Graph
Grapher - Practice creating a bar graph
Patterns, Algebra, and Functions
Flipping Monsters - Left and right
Haunted Hill
Pattern Blocks 1
Pattern Blocks 2
Spooky Sequences - Triangular Numbers - Find the sequence (triangular numbers).
Spooky Sequences - Square Numbers - Find the sequence (square numbers).
Spooky Sequences by ones - Find the sequence ( by ones).
Spooky Sequences by twos - Find the sequence ( by twos).
Spooky Sequences by threes - Find the sequence ( by threes).
Spooky Sequences by ones - Find the sequence ( by ones).
Spooky Sequences by 5's - Count on in 5's
Spooky Sequences by 2's - Count on in 2's
Spooky Sequences by 10's  - Count on in 10's
Spooky Sequences backward by 1's  - Count back in 1's
Spooky Sequences backward by 2's  - Count back in 2's
Spooky Sequences backward by 5's  - Count back in 5's
Spooky Sequences backward by 10's  - Count back in 10's
Tesselation Town
Geometry and Measurement
Analog Clock - Telling time with the hands on a clock
Area Explorer - Find the perimeter of shapes on a grid
Banana Hunt - This game helps students practice the degrees of an angle
Bang On Time - Helps student practice telling time.
Clock Program - Telling time with an analog or a digital clock
Estimate - Estimating numbers
*Exact Change, Please
How Much Is It?  Convert Length, Width and Volume
Kali - Working with symmetry
Match the Times 
Measuring Angles
Missing Hands - Telling time
Money Program
Perimeter Explorer - Find the perimeter of shapes on a grid
Polygon Playground
Rm. 108 Money Drills
Shape Cave* - Learn about different shapes
Shape Explorer - Find the perimeter and area of shapes on a grid
Stop the Clock 1 - Telling time to 1/2 hour intervals.
Stop the Clock 2 - Telling time to 15 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock 3 - Telling time to 5 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock 4 - Telling time to the minute.
Stop the Clock 5 - Telling time to the minute.
Stop the Clock R - Matching times written in text to the graphic match.
Teaching Measures - Metric Measurement
Tesselate - Create your own tesselations
Train Times - Telling time
What Time is It?* - Telling Time
Structure and Logic
Brain Teasers 1
Brain Teasers 2
Brain Teasers 3
Brain Teasers 4
Brain Teasers 5
Brain Teasers 6
Button Beach - Mental Math
Exploding Math Art
Kali - Working with symmetry
Lissajous Lab
Jumping Math Cats
Lissajous Lab
Long Line O' Math Cats
Magic Square
Mathgym Arcade - A collection of logic and thinking games
Power Lines 1 - Mathematical reasoning level 1
Power Lines 2 - Mathematical reasoning level 2
Power Lines 3 - Mathematical reasoning level 3