Mr. Nale's
Virtual Classroom


1. K-W-L template:
2. Venn diagram:

1. Features:

1. Mock Election:
2. National vs. State:
3. Symbols of Government:
4. Native Americans:
5. Native Americans:
6. The First Thanksgiving:
7. Native American artifacts:
8. Native American food:
9. Eastern vs. Western:
10. Venn diagram:

1. K-W-L:
2. Email:
3. Christmas 1:
4. Christmas 2:
5. List:

1. Colonial jobs:
2. Trades:
3. Scroll to Famous People:
4. Venn diagram:
5. Colonial pictures:
6. Sequence chart:
7. Responsibilities:

1. K_W_L chart:
2. Famous African Americans:
3. Web:
4. Sweet Clara

1. K_W_L:
2. Famous Inventors:
3. Flow chart:
4. Venn diagram:
5. Cause and Effect organizer:
6. Sequence organizer:
7. Famous Women:

1. Recycling lessons:
2. Earth Day lessons:
3. Cause and Effect organizer:

1. Explorers:
2. Compare and Contrast:
3. K_W_L:
4. Immigration 1:
5. Immigration 2:
6. Timeline tool:
7. Immigration 3:
8. Cause and Effect:
9. Ellis Island tour:
10. Money Lesson:


  • 50
    Check here for links to web sites for all fifty states.
    Find facts and figures for over 206 countries.
  • Atlapedia Online
    Atlapedia Online contains key information on every country of the world. Each country profile provides facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, and economy, making it ideal for personal or family education and for students of all ages.
  • CIA World Factbook
    Extensive data, maps, and flags of all the countries in the world. Current Web edition is 2002.
  • Geo Globe: Interactive Geography
    Explore the world with Geo Globe’s selection of interactive games, and find out about strange and familiar features of the planet! Ever wondered which continent has the most countries? Do you know how deep the ocean gets? How plants survive in the tundra? Which waterfall is the highest in the world? If you’re curious about world geography, this is the right place!
  • National Geographic
    Maps, cultures, and facts from around the world. Includes a special section for kids.
  • National Park Service ParkNet
    This site provides information on the National Parks and their history.
  • U.S. Gazeteer
    Part of the U.S. Census Bureau. You can enter a place name or zip code and get needed information from census data from the 1990 Census Lookup server. Includes a link to Census 2000.
  • World Safari
    An 11-year-old’s page that travels to a different country each month. Includes country facts and histories of the countries.



  • abcnews
    News from ABC with an easy organizational structure. Includes a fact for the day box.
  • CNN Interactive
    News from CNN organized in a clear, crisp fashion with coverage in a wide number of areas.
  • Nando Times
    Frequently updated world news as well as coverage in sports, entertainment and other areas.
  • Time for Kids
    This companion to the Time for Kids magazine connects youth with up-to-the-minute news and current events. The site also includes a dictionary, measurement conversion table, country information and games. Full-text articles are available in English and Spanish.
  • United Nations Cyberschoolbus
    View information about member nations, take a virtual tour, explore issues of human rights relating to children or take quizzes and play games to help you learn about the countries of the world. Interactive and well designed for school-age children.